Israel Poland News: Israel Poland summons mutual envoys on Holocaust property bill

Israel reacted strongly to changes in Polish property compensation rules. In response, Poland summoned the Israeli ambassador. Faced with this action by Poland, Israel also expressed its deep dissatisfaction by telephoning its ambassador. Israeli and Jewish organizations say Polish law will prevent Jews from claiming property or compensation confiscated during the Holocaust and Communist rule.

Israeli Ambassador calls on Polish Deputy Foreign Minister
Ambassador to Israel Tal Ben-Ary Yahlun met with Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski on Monday, who said the new rules do not bar property claims that can be brought to court . Poland has also said it will not be held responsible for properties confiscated by Nazi Germany during the occupation of Poland in World War II.

Israel also summoned the Polish ambassador
Jablonski later said Ben-Ari Yaloon reiterated a statement released by the embassy last week that called the new rules immoral and said they would have serious implications for bilateral relations. Polish Ambassador to Israel Marek Magirovsky visited Israel’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday and briefed them on the new rules that were created in accordance with a 2015 ruling by the highest constitutional court.

Poland changes property law
Polish parliament makes changes to prevent property and other administrative decisions after 30 years. He said these changes are made due to fraud and irregularities during the compensation process. Changes must be approved by the Senate and the President. The World Jewish Catering Organization said it was deeply disappointed with Polish law.

Group leader Gideon Taylor said Germany had not taken over the house, store or factory in Poland affected by the law, it had been taken over by Poland. He is in Poland and has benefited Poland for over 70 years. It is time to understand this fact and Poland must do justice to the victims. Before World War II, Poland had the largest Jewish community in Europe, with a population of around 3.5 million.

Conflict over property of Jews killed in attack on Nazi Germany
During the occupation of Nazi Germany, most of the Holocaust Jews were killed and their property confiscated. After World War I, the Communist government of Poland confiscated these properties in Warsaw and other cities as well as the properties of non-Jews. After the overthrow of the Communist government in 1989, the door to claims for compensation was opened.

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