Israel tensions Iran: Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran, says Israel will continue to defend itself: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns Iran to build nuclear bomb

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Israel – will not allow the construction of Iran at all costs. Nuclear bomb Iran asked Israel to explode the nuclear facility; Iran tries to develop weapons amid nuclear negotiations with America; Tel Aviv
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given an open warning amid accusations against Israel for the explosion of the Iranian nuclear facility. He made it clear that Israel will not allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb at any cost. He also said that Israel will continue to defend itself against Iranian aggression.

Iran has accused Israel of an attack
A day earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said Israel had participated in the attack on Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz. He also said Iran would avenge the attack. Israel also attacked the Iranian nuclear center last year. Israel fears Iran will quickly develop a nuclear bomb under the pretext of breaking a nuclear deal with the United States.

Netanyahu said – Iran is the biggest threat to us
In response to these allegations, Netanyahu said there was no more serious threat in the Middle East than Iran. Iran has not given up on its desire to possess nuclear weapons and repeatedly threatens the destruction of Israel. As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons to commit genocide.

America pledges Israel’s support
At a joint press conference after talks with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, Netanyahu said Israel would continue its defense. On the other hand, the US Defense Minister also said that the US stands openly on Israel’s side. This US support is believed to be very important to Israel before the start of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

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Iran builds underground nuclear base
Iran is also rapidly expanding its nuclear facility. Iran is quickly building an underground nuclear facility near the village of Fordo. The purpose of building Iran’s new nuclear center at Fordo is still unclear. Experts said Iran fears Israel or the United States will attack it if it builds a center above ground. Therefore, it is currently working on the underground construction of its nuclear centers, keeping future concerns in mind.

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