Israel to build new settlements in West Bank, Biden may be angry at Netanyahu’s announcement – Israel announces new settlements, risking Biden’s displeasure

Israel decided to resume plans to build 800 new homes in the area of ​​its occupied West Bank (west coast) on Monday. However, his move could strain his relationship with the administration of newly elected US President Joe Biden. Announcing this decision on behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, it was said that this includes the construction of 100 houses in this settlement. In the same area, an Israeli woman was killed in an attack allegedly carried out by Palestinian assailants last month.

Netanyahu will benefit from elections
The announcement will strengthen Netanyahu’s right-wing stance ahead of the March elections. It is believed that Netanyahu’s announcement could offend Joe Biden, who was sworn in to the US president on January 20. The Biden initiative opposed the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. They have already had a confrontation with Israel on this issue.

Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 war
Israel captured the West Coast and East Jerusalem in the 1967 war, while the Palestinians want it for their future. About half a million Israelis live in settlements spread across the west coast. Palestinians view these settlements as violations of international law and an obstacle to peace. This Palestinian position also enjoys broad international support.

Palestinian organizations condemn Israel
The Palestinian Authority Foreign Office condemned the new statement, alleging that Israel was rushing to build these settlements before US President Donald Trump stepped down. Israel has received unprecedented support from the Trump administration, including abandoning a decades-old policy of protesting against the American colonies.

Biden to release aid to Palestinians
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo became the first major US diplomat to visit the West Coast colony last year. Biden, however, expresses his determination for a strategy of equal treatment in which he will reinstate Palestinian aid stopped by the Trump administration and work to resume peace talks. There has not been a concrete peace dialogue between the two parties for nearly a decade.

Opposition targeting Netanyahu in Israel
In March, Israeli opposition leader Yer Lapid, who was preparing to oust Netanyahu, called the settlement declaration “not irresponsible” that could spark a scuffle with the new US administration.

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