Israel uses high-powered airborne laser weapon to shoot down drones

Known for its advanced weapons, the IDF has done an excellent job in the defense sector. Israel has shot down drone planes several times during tests using airborne laser cannons. Israel called this spectacular achievement a “milestone”. This deadly Israeli system is capable of shooting down any flying object such as drones, mortars, rockets, missiles in the air. Israel has done so at a time when fear of a future drone war is mounting around the world. During the recent Armenia-Azerbaijan war, Israeli and Turkish drones wreaked havoc and the Armenian army suffered. The condition was that Armenian tanks and artillery be seen helpless in front of drone planes. These drone planes dropped aerial bombs and destroyed tanks, artillery and air defense systems. Let’s see if Israel’s defense shield against drones …..

Laser gun loaded in a small plane, then there was destruction in the sky

The head of the Israel Defense Ministry’s research and development unit, Yaniv Rotem, said during the test that the high-power laser system was loaded into a small airliner. This laser system successfully destroyed several drones in the air. He said a sample of this system, which destroys drones, mortars, rockets, missiles, will be manufactured within the next 3-4 years. He said that in principle laser weapons will be added to Israel’s Iron Dome system, which will attack Hamas rockets, in the near future. The Iron Dome system is effective in deterring rocket attacks, but it is quite expensive. A video released by Israel shows a laser system mounted on top of a small plane and projecting energy onto a test drone. It is believed that this laser attack pierced the interior of the test drone and caught fire in the air itself.

Know how far the laser gun can attack

During the Israeli experiment, the laser weapon shot down the drone plane from a distance of 3 feet, but the scientists who built it claim that when the system is fully ready, the drone planes can be destroyed at a distance of about 20 km. Rotem said this laser weapon uses Israel’s current air defense technology to locate and target its enemy. The laser weapon then releases a 100 kW laser beam on its enemy. Oren Sabag, director of Ilbit Systems, a company working on laser weapons with Israel’s Defense Ministry, said the tests were a success and a milestone in the development of the weapon. The Israel Defense Establishment is working on another ground laser weapon to provide ground countermeasures in the event of an air attack.

Aerial laser weapon is better than ground laser gun

Aerial laser guns are better than ground laser weapons, according to experts. Aerial laser guns can be transported to higher altitudes and can also be carried above clouds. The laser cannon on the ground is not as effective because of the clouds. In recent tests, a drone flying at an altitude of 3000 feet was shot down. If Israel succeeds in making this weapon, then it will get a much cheaper alternative to its current, very expensive air defense system. This laser gun can be used with Iron Dome systems at close range. Recently, Israel’s confrontation with Hamas began. Hamas fired more than 4,300 rockets at Israeli soil. Of this total, 90% of the rocket was destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome system. However, Israel had to pay a heavy price for bringing down a Hamas rocket. An Iron Dome missile costs several lakh rupees. This laser weapon will ensure the security of Israel on a much larger scale, which faces many threats. In addition, its cost will also decrease.

Video: Israel shot down drone with aerial laser

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