Israeli Air Defense System: Israel Defense Forces Investigate Why Air Defenses Did Not Intercept Syrian Anti-Aircraft Missiles: Israel Defense Forces Investigate Missile Defense System Failure During Missile Attack Syrians

Tel Aviv
Tension remains on Syria’s part over the missiles fired at Israel’s nuclear reactor. Israel has deployed large-scale air defense systems in areas around the Syrian border. The Syrian missile landed in the area near the top secret Shimon Peres Negev nuclear research center. Meanwhile, the IDF has opened an investigation into allegations that Israel’s air defense system failed to intercept the missile.

Israeli air defense missiles considered advanced
Israel’s anti-defense systems are among the most advanced weapons in the world. The Israeli Air Force currently guards the Iron Doms, Davids Sling, Arrow Missiles, and the MIM-104 Patriot air defense system. Despite this, all of these systems failed to stop the Syrian anti-aircraft missile. The missile entered Israeli airspace, causing its fragments to spread over an area of ​​40 km.

Israeli Defense Minister Says – System Failure Investigation Continues
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the IDF has done a lot of work to prevent any attack on vital assets in the country. He said the anti-aircraft missile fired from Syria was called the SA-5 missile. When it entered our airspace, a missile was also fired by the IDF to kill it, but it failed. We are still investigating this incident.

A Patriot missile was fired by Israel
The Jerusalem Post claimed that the missile fired to kill the S-200 could be the Patriot, but the IDF has not commented on this. IDF spokesman Hiday Zilberman said the military did not believe the missile could target the Israeli nuclear facility in Dimona.

Israel Syria Tension: Syria wreaks havoc on Israeli nuclear reactor, IDF wreaks havoc on Netanyahu’s orders
SA-5 is another name for the S-200 missile system.
SA-5 is actually the NATO name for Russia’s S-200 missile system. It was developed by Russia during the Cold War in 1964 to protect its air range. Russia sold this missile to Syria in the 1980s. At that time, there was a war between Syria and Israel in southern Lebanon. Syria has eight regiments of this missile. After the upgrade, the range of these missiles would be around 300 km, which can attack with warheads up to 200 kg.

Syria fired a missile in retaliation
It is said that Syria fired this missile in retaliation. Because, shortly before this attack, many missiles had been fired from Israel at Damascus. However, Syrian authorities or the media have not commented on the use of the Russian missile system. It is believed that in the coming days, Israel may take more forceful retaliation against Syrian army targets.

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