Israeli airstrike in Syria today: Israeli airstrike in Syria Russian missile system Buk shot down all missile-fired F-16 fighter jets: Russian missile system thwarted Israeli airstrike in Syria, shot down all missiles

A Russian air defense system deployed in Syria foiled an Israeli airstrike. The Russian-made Buk-M2E air defense system on Thursday morning shot down four guided missiles fired by Israeli F-16 fighter jets in Syria’s Homs province. Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, deputy director of the Russian Center for Reconciliation between Organizations Fighting the War in Syria, said air defense had not allowed any missiles to hit the ground. There has been no statement from Israel about the airstrike in Syria so far.

Israel fired missiles at Homs in Syria
Syrian state broadcaster al-Ikhbariya reported that Israel attacked the al-Qusr neighborhood in Homs from Lebanese airspace. Syria suffered only minor damage in this attack. Russian Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit said two Israeli F-16 fighter jets fired four guided missiles at several targets in Homs province. It is not yet known which guided missile was fired by Israel into Syria.

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Russian air defense system shot down missiles
He said the alert from the Syrian air defense forces shot down all four missiles in the air. For this, the Syrian army used the Buk-M2E air defense system. The Israeli military occasionally conducts airstrikes in Syria. Israel maintains that there are Iranian militias hidden in Syria, which pose a threat to their country.

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How powerful is the Buk-M2E missile system
The Buk-M2E missile system is a weapon of the Soviet era. Its first unit entered service in 1980. The Buk-M2E is a self-propelled medium-range surface-to-air missile system. The system is designed for action against cruise missiles, smart bombs, fighter jets and drones. Its range is approximately 140 km.

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Fighting continues in all parts of Syria
At present, fierce fighting between government-backed forces and ISIS fighters continues in the Badia region of Syria. In which the Russian army also provides assistance on behalf of the Syrian government army. Syria and Iraq have faced terror from ISIS since 2014. With this, all of Syria has become a battleground. Currently, there are no areas under direct government control except for the Syrian capital Damascus. Everywhere is controlled either by local armed groups or by the remaining ISIS terrorists.

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Syria has become a battleground between many countries
Syria, which was devastated by ISIS terrorists, is now becoming a battleground between powerful countries around the world. There is already a standoff between Russia and America. In which Russia supports the Syrian government, while America opposes it. The United States has supported the military forces of the Kurds, a minority faction in Syria. At the same time, Israel also carries out continuous attacks to eliminate the presence of Iranian militias in Syria. Turkey is also busy satisfying its interests based on mercenaries in Syria.

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