Israeli attack on Gaza: Hamas fired rocket, Israeli army raids bomb in Gaza Strip in Palestine – Israeli army bombed Gaza Strip in Palestine after rocket fire by Hamas

The IDF said it launched attacks on Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning after two rockets were fired from Palestinian territory along its border. The IDF said in a statement that fighter jets, helicopters and tanks were targeting underground structures and Hamas military outposts. The statement said two rockets were fired at Israel, one in the city of Ashdod and the other in central Israel.

No casualties were reported in these rocket attacks fired from the Gaza Strip. The IDF said the rockets fell in the open area. There is no response from Hamas yet. After the attacks, the sound of sirens was heard on Saturday evening in the coastal town of Ashdod. Ashdod is Israel’s largest coastal city. It is located 64 km from the Gaza Strip.

The IDF said it is assessing the big picture and is fully prepared to take action against any terrorist activity. Israeli officials are still investigating the attack. The attacks come at a time when Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Abu Al Ata carried out a year of murder in Gaza. Ata was killed on November 12 last year.

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