Israeli attack Palestinians killed: 22 Palestinians killed in Israeli attack, conditions like war in Jerusalem – Israeli airstrikes in Gaza by Palestinians killed war-like situation in Jerusalem

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have reached their peak. Palestinian militants fired several rockets from Gaza. The Israeli security forces also carried out heavy airstrikes on Tuesday morning. The Israeli attack killed 22 people, including nine children, in Gaza. More than 700 Palestinians have been injured in clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem and the West Bank in the past 24 hours. Of this number, 500 had to be hospitalized.

The IDF said six ordinary people were injured in the rocket attack on Tuesday morning. The reason for the violence is the claim of Jerusalem by Palestine and Israel. In recent weeks, tensions between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police have escalated tensions in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with senior security officials after several rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel overnight.

The Israeli army carried out several airstrikes on Gaza overnight.
The rocket attacks were launched by Hamas, a militant group based in the Gaza Strip, on Monday evening. As of Tuesday morning, Hamas and other militants fired more than 200 rockets at Israel. In contrast, one person died Tuesday morning after being struck by a drone fired by Israel into Gaza. A woman was killed in a missile fired by Israel. The IDF said it carried out several airstrikes on Gaza throughout the night.

The IDF wrote on Twitter that it targeted and killed three Hamas militants in an airstrike. Israel launched an airstrike on the coastal enclave in response to a barrage of rockets fired from Beth Shemesh near Jerusalem. An army spokesman said the last time a rocket alert sounded in the city was in 2014. Meanwhile, the IDF said more than 150 rockets were fired. terrorist groups fired from Gaza into Israel on Monday from the Gaza Strip.

Israel ‘will respond with great force: Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that Israel “will respond with great force.” He said: “Tonight, on Jerusalem Day, the terrorist organizations in Gaza crossed a red line and attacked with missiles on the outskirts of Jerusalem.” In recent times, there have been violent clashes between Israeli Jewish forces and protesters known as the Temple Mount and Jews as the Noble Century.

Palestinian rescuers said on Monday that more than 300 people were injured, while Israeli police said two dozen police officers were injured. The Islamic group Hamas issued an ultimatum on Monday evening to withdraw settlers and police from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem and the shrine. Soon after, reports of large-scale rocket attacks began. A Hamas spokesman said the rockets were a “message” to Israel and a “reaction to their crimes and aggression against the holy city.” The Islamic Jihad group in Gaza also claimed responsibility.

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