Israeli fetus infected with coronavirus dies in womb after mother falls ill: Corona virus infected, death of baby mother

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A child conceived in Israel in a mother’s corona virus infection, the child died at 36 weeks, the woman was admitted to hospital after being infected. Has passed away oil aviv
Israeli doctors said a child in the womb had a corona virus from its mother, which led to her death. This woman’s child was 36 weeks old. The woman was admitted to Israel’s Meir Medical Center on Saturday after being infected with the Corona virus. Doctors quickly discovered that the baby in the woman’s womb was dead. Later, the investigation revealed that the child was also infected with the corona virus along with the mother.

Doctors have yet to confirm that the child died from the corona virus, according to The Times of Israel. Just a few weeks ago, an unborn child was killed. The mother of the child was infected with the corona virus and the child was also affected by the corona virus through the umbilical cord. According to local media, the child was 25 weeks old.

Rare case of the genre across the world
It was the first such case in Israel and a rare case of its kind in the world. Dr Tal Brosh, head of the hospital’s infectious department, said the fetus was affected by the corona virus through the umbilical cord and there was a strong possibility that she died from the corona virus. He said that so far three women had come here who had the corona virus but the children growing in their wombs were not caught by this virus.

Dr Brosh said if the mother had developed a corona vaccine it could have been avoided. On the other hand, the victim’s mother said that she should have saved the infection and thanked the doctors who were very helpful. Dr Tobin said: “It was an intrauterine infection inside the fetus. This leads to umbilical cord infection and death. He said it was a rare case of its kind as it was usually a coronary infection after the child was born.

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