Israeli forces attack Al Aqsa compound: East Jerusalem becomes battleground between Israelis and Palestinians, know why Sheikh Jarrah under discussion – Al Aqsa mosque becomes battleground between Palestinians in Israel know Sheikh Jarrah

Since Sunday evening in East Jerusalem, there has been a lot of heckling between the Israeli security forces and the Palestinians. Israeli authorities fired tear gas shells and “stun grenades” during this period. Meanwhile, Palestinian protesters threw stones at the police. Israeli police said stones were thrown on a road near the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. At the same time, Palestinians say that in this holy month of Ramadan, “stun grenades” were fired at the premises of the mosque, injuring more than 70 people. On Monday, Israeli security personnel entered the Al Aqsa Mosque and fired rubber bullets, tear gas and sound bombs at Palestinians on the 28th day of Ramadan, according to Aljazeera’s report. Not only that, Israeli helicopters were also seen hovering over the Al Aqsa Mosque complex. Let’s know the whole story‚Ķ.

Won’t let Jerusalem affect peace: Netanyahu

According to reports, the clash took place a day before Israeli nationalists staged a parade from the Old City to claim Israel in the disputed area. After this clash began late at night, the possibility of further violence increased at the annual “Jerusalem Day” ceremony on Monday. The Israeli police had authorized the parade on Sunday, despite the lingering tension between Israel and Palestine for several days. Addressing a special cabinet meeting ahead of “Jerusalem Day” on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Let no extremist force influence the peace in Jerusalem.” We will apply law and order decisively and responsibly. The Israeli prime minister said: “We will continue to keep the freedom to worship people of all faiths, but we will not allow violent activity to take place.”

Tension aroused on “ Jerusalem Day ”

The United States has expressed “grave concern” over the current situation in Jerusalem. US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan expressed his concern by speaking to his Israeli counterpart on the phone. According to a statement released by US National Security Council spokesperson Imli Horn, Sullivan called on Israel to “make peace in commemoration of Jerusalem Day.” Jerusalem Day is celebrated to commemorate Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem in 1967. Tensions have intensified in East Jerusalem in recent weeks. Israel and Palestine both claim East Jerusalem. Palestinian worshipers also clashed with Israeli police in the grounds of the Al-Aqsa Mosque late Friday evening. It is said that the decision of the Israeli court is responsible for the anger of the Palestinians.

Israel expels Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah

Israel’s Central Court ordered the eviction of 4 Palestinian families living in East Jerusalem from the Sheikh Jarrah area. The court ordered right-wing Israelis to settle in all of these places. The Israeli Supreme Court was supposed to make a ruling on the matter on Thursday, but now the ruling has been postponed until May 10 after a fierce clash. If the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Israeli people, then the Palestinian people would have to leave their homes. Amidst this tension, the Israeli police in the Old City erected a barrier so that Palestinians would not congregate there to break the fast. The Palestinians saw this as a violation of their right of submission. At the same time, the police said they had come together to maintain law and order.

Sheikh Jarrah is important to Muslims and Jews

The region of Sheikh Jarrah is important to Jews and Muslims in religious terms. For this reason, when Jews visit this region, their tension with the Muslims living there increases. Sheikh Jarrah’s story is said to begin with Hussam al Din al Jarrahi in the 12th century. Husam was the personal physician of Islamic General Taqtawar Saladin. Saladin’s army had captured Jerusalem. Jarrah in Arabic means surgeon and sheikh is a title given to religious and community leaders. Later, Jarahi’s tomb was built in this area. The Sheikh Jarrah region is located in the northern part of Jerusalem, outside the old city walls. The Hebrew University is located nearby.

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