Israeli intelligence agency: David Barnea spies on Mossad chief Israeli intelligence agency: David Barnia, new head of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, to replace Yossi Kohen

Tel Aviv
Israel replaced the head of its intelligence agency, the Mossad, amid continuing tensions with Iran and Palestine. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed David Barnia, former member of the elite Israeli commando Sairat Matkal, as the new Mossad leader. Barnea will replace Yossi Cohen, who has held the post since 2015. Yossi Cohen is the same leader during whose tenure the Mossad conducted numerous successful intelligence operations abroad.

Participated in numerous intelligence missions for Israel
David Barnia, 56, is known to have a very strict temperament in Israel. There is not much information about David Barnia after joining the Mossad in 1996. However, it is believed that he conducted a number of foreign intelligence operations for Israel. Barnia was still in office as the agency’s second-tallest officer after Yossi Cohen. He has commanded the Tzomat division of Mossad for 20 years.

Barnia was the commander of the Tzomet division of the Mossad
This division serves as the search and recruiting agent for the Mossad. Throughout his career, David Barnia was the head of the same division for a very long time. In 2019, Benjamin Netanyahu promoted Barnia to the post of deputy head of the Mossad. According to Israeli media, Barnia prefers to remain discreet. They live in the Sharon region, north of Tel Aviv.

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What is the challenge before the new Mossad leader
Israel is currently facing the threat of Iranian nuclear weapons. If Iran obtains nuclear weapons, it will also exacerbate the crisis in Israel’s existence. The second biggest problem is with countries trying to become an Islamic Caliphate, like Pakistan and Turkey. The leaders of these two countries can take any measure to become the greatest defenders of Islam. In addition, the Palestinian terrorist groups Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah remain a major problem for Israel.

Mossad deals with Israel’s external enemies
The Mossad deals with Israel’s external enemies. Its main responsibility is to protect Israel from external threats. This is the reason why this Israeli intelligence agency carried out such a dangerous mission, which has no comparison in the world. Whether it’s Operation Entebbe or the capture of Adolf Aichman, the massacre of the Jews.

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