Israeli missile attack: ‘We shot down many Israeli missiles in the air’, Syrian army makes big claim – Syria says our missile defense system responded to Israeli aggression, intercepted most enemy missiles

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Syria fails Israel missile airstrike
Syria has made a big claim over Israel’s airstrike in Damascus. The Syrian army said our anti-defense systems killed several Israeli missiles in the air. Let us know that Israel fired massive missiles on Wednesday evening at the bases of Iranian-backed fighters in Damascus. It is said that many terrorists were killed in this attack. Israel also targeted a Syrian army hiding place during its attack.

Israeli missiles reportedly shot down
The Syrian state news agency Sana’a quoted military officials as saying that Israel launched missiles from the occupied Golan Heights around 11 a.m. and targeted several buildings. Our air defense responded … and intercepted most of the enemy’s missiles. Syria, however, did not specify which of its defense systems fired Israeli missiles into the air.

The Israelis have remained silent
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Israel has targeted a large base of the Syrian army and Iranian militia in southern Kunitira province. Many people in Damascus also claimed to have heard many nighttime explosion sounds. However, Israel has not yet given any information regarding this airstrike.

Bombs fired in response to Israeli tanks, rockets and explosive balloons thundering at Hamas bases
Israel strikes 50 times in Syria in 2020
According to one report, Israel targeted at least 50 targets in Syria in 2020. Most were from terrorist groups backed by Iran. But the IDF has rarely admitted to the strike in Syria. Previously, Israel bombed Syria on January 13. A total of 57 Syrian army and Iranian militia fighters were killed in this attack.

Israeli warplanes wreak havoc in Syria, dozens dead in heavy bombing
There have also been airstrikes in the past
On January 22, Israel also attacked the Syrian province of Hama. In which four people are said to have died. However, it was not possible to confirm that those killed were ordinary civilians. On January 7, Israel bombed several bases in southern Syria and the capital Damascus. Three Iranian fighters were killed there.

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