Israeli-Palestinian conflict update: Israeli ground troops attack Gaza as air force bombs Hamas targets

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The Israeli army has started to prepare for an all-out attack on Hamas. Israeli tanks and thousands of soldiers reached the Gaza border on Friday, according to reports of Israeli tanks continuously firing at Palestinian territories.
The Israeli military has started preparations for a full-blown attack on the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is rife in Israel with around 1,600 rocket attacks from Gaza. Israeli tanks and thousands of troops reached the Gaza border on Friday. According to reports, Israeli tanks are continuously firing at Palestinian territories. At the same time, Israeli warplanes destroy Hamas targets.

Israel has called on 9,000 of its reserve troops to work for vigorous action against Hamas. The Israeli authorities have asked residents living on the border to enter the bunkers. Israel fears Hamas will launch a rocket attack in response. The threat of a full-fledged war between the two sides is now threatened by the entry of the Israeli army into Palestinian territory.
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Continuous shells through tanks
In response to this, Hamas rocket attacks also continue. It is said that Israeli soldiers are present at the Gaza border and that from there they are constantly bombing tanks. At the same time, Israeli warplanes also continuously bomb Hamas bases. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Hamas will have to pay a very high price for this. He said the fierce attacks on Hamas would continue.

Meanwhile, Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida said his group was not afraid of the Israeli ground attack. The Hamas spokesman said it would give them the opportunity to capture Israeli soldiers alive or dead. It is not yet clear whether Israel intends to destroy Hamas rocket attack sites or kill Hamas leaders or attack Gaza.
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Riots between Jews and people of Arab descent in Israel
In the meantime, three rockets have been fired at Lebanon from Lebanon, but all are said to have fallen inside the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, riots broke out in many cities of Israel between Jews and people of Arab descent and people began to kill each other. The crowd also set fire to several vehicles. It is said to be the biggest unrest in Israel after several decades. Now the Israeli prime minister must fight on both fronts.

An Egyptian delegation has arrived in Tel Aviv to negotiate with Israeli officials as part of efforts to negotiate a ceasefire amid intensifying fighting in Gaza. The conflict between the Hamas leaders of Israel and Gaza has spread to a much larger scale than the war of 2014. Previously, the conflict was limited to Palestinian territory and the area bordered by Israeli communities, but this times the battle started in Jerusalem.
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109 Palestinians killed and more than 480 injured
Flights from the country’s main airport have also been suspended due to violence in Israel. The conflict ended the holy month of Ramadan with weeds for the Palestinian people. Since the rocket was fired from Monday, Israel has opened three multi-story buildings in Gaza, claiming it has several Hamas offices. Gaza’s health ministry said 109 Palestinians, including 17 children and seven women, died and more than 480 people were injured.

Islamic jihadists have confirmed the deaths of seven activists. Hamas admitted that one of its main commanders and several other operatives were dead. At the same time, Israel said more people have died than Hamas has confirmed. Seven people also died in Israel. A soldier died in an anti-tank missile attack and a six-year-old child died in a rocket attack.

Israel rains bombs on Hamas targets

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