Israeli special forces attack on Iranian ship Saviz in Red Sea used by Iranian commandos: Israeli special forces react to Iranian ‘naval base’, inverted

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Yemen has wide disclosure in the case of the attack on Iranian military ship Saviz, being reported that this attack was carried out by special forces of the IDF, this ship is as a naval base used to help Houthi rebels . Hatteliv
A major revelation was made in the case of the attack on Iranian army ship Saviz, standing to aid Houthi rebels in Yemen. It is said that this attack was carried out by special forces of the Israeli army. The ship is believed to be similar to a naval base used by Iran to aid Houthi rebels operating in Yemen and strategically guarded in the crucial Bab al-Maandeb Strait.

According to a report by The Times of London, this action was carried out by Israel’s special forces. Israel had previously alleged that Iran targeted one of its merchant ships. The attack comes at a time when the United States and Iran are indirectly negotiating Tehran’s nuclear program for the first time. Israeli troops reportedly targeted Iranian ships using sea tunnels.
Iran warns Israel, says – even if they think about attacking, they will ruin Tel Aviv and Haifa
No crew injured in blast: Iran
Iran’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that officials were investigating an explosion in the Red Sea in which their ship was moderately damaged. DPA news agency, citing local media, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said none of the crew were injured in Tuesday’s blast. evening. He did not, however, comment on reports that Israel attacked the ship.
Collision with US and Israel, Iran successfully tests new indigenous missile
The New York Times quoted an unnamed U.S. official as saying that Israel informed the United States that its forces attacked the ship in response to previous Iranian attacks on Israeli ships. In March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran for the explosion of an Israeli company freighter in the Gulf of Oman. An IDF spokesperson said the military does not comment on foreign media reports.

Landmines have been planted near the hull of the Iranian ship
Iranian Tasnim News Agency initially reported that the ship blew up and damaged it. According to the US website Organization, the damaged cargo is being used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It is said that landmines were installed near the hull of this ship which was submerged under water. Due to the explosion, flames and smoke fumes were seen.

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