Israeli spy plane: the Israeli air force receives a new spy plane to better identify its targets in Iran, Syria and Iraq: the Israeli air force joins the intelligence ship Oron for detect enemies in Iran, Iraq and Syria

Strong points:

Spy plane now equipped with modern technology joins the Israeli Air Force, will not only find air, but also find Israeli enemies on the ground, this ship can easily operate in Syria-Iran, Operation Tel Aviv .
Surrounded by enemy countries, Israel received a super powerful surveillance vessel equipped with modern radars and systems. With the help of this eye from the sky, Israel will not only follow the antics of its enemies on the ground around the clock, but also detect their intentions in the air. This intelligence mission vessel is called Oron. The integration of Oron into the Israeli Air Force will provide important intelligence as well as a significant increase in surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Formally inducted into the Air Force
The upgraded aircraft was officially released to the public in a ceremony led by the commander of the Israel Air Force, Major General Emikam Norkin. The aircraft is part of the 122nd squadron of the Israeli Air Force. This squadron is known as the ISR, which stands for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. He is already using two ships named Shavit and Itam in the Skadron intelligence mission.

Will be used in the Israeli intelligence mission
Out of that, the Gulfstream G500 was built in Shavit, while the other Eitam ship was modified to the Gulfstream G550. Oron also joined this fleet. Israel Air Force Commander Major General Emikam Norkin said Oron was a living example of the growing strength of our air force. This will significantly improve the strategic capabilities of our air force.

This plane will be able to do a lot of things simultaneously
Israeli Air Force officials reported that the plane could perform tasks such as gathering maritime intelligence for the Navy with aerial imagery, control and radar on a single platform. Previously, we used different plans for these tasks, which made it very difficult to transfer data and combine it. Now the command and control center inside the ship can analyze the data itself and send alerts to land and air centers.

Equipped with modern sensors and radar
From the outside, the Oron ship looks like the Itam, but has a variety of sophisticated sensors and radars. The systems concerned are much more advanced than those currently used in the world. For this reason, Oron can be used in many types of missions. A major said that the combined ability of Shavit and Itam is present in the Ottom plane.

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