Israeli warplanes wreak havoc in Syria, dozens dead in fierce bombing – dozens killed in Israeli airstrikes in eastern Syria

Israeli warplanes bombed heavily in Syria on Wednesday morning. The skies over eastern Syria echoed for hours with the sound of Israeli warplanes. Fighter jets then bombarded Iranian-backed militia targets and weapons depots. It is said that dozens of militia fighters were killed and large numbers were injured in this fierce bombardment of Israeli planes.

Iranian militia bases destroyed
According to a senior US Department of Intelligence official who is aware of the attack, airstrikes were carried out based on intelligence received from the United States. Significantly, the cooperation between Israel and the United States in targeting attack targets in Syria is made very public. The official said the attack targeted several Syrian warehouses that housed weapons from Iran.

The US Secretary of State knew about the attack
While requesting anonymity when discussing a sensitive national security issue, the US official said Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo discussed the airstrike on Tuesday with Yossi Cohen, head of the agency. Israeli intelligence Mossad. According to the Syrian government news agency Sana’a, the attack targeted the towns and surroundings of Der al-Jor, Mayyadin and Bukhamal, on the border with Iraq.

Syrian air defense missiles fail
A Syrian military official claimed that his country’s air defense system responded to missile attacks during the attack. However, the Israeli planes suffered no damage. All Israeli ships returned safely to their respective bases after completing the mission.

Human rights organizations claim – 23 dead
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 23 people, including seven Syrian civilians, were killed and 28 injured. However, his request could not be officially confirmed. Israel has not yet given specific information about the airstrike.

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