Israel’s beaches blackened by tar after oil spill: Israeli beaches closed due to oil spill

Several days after the oil spilled into the sea, Israel closed all of its Mediterranean coasts until further notice on Sunday. Several tons of oil spilled 100 miles after the spill, considered one of the country’s most serious environmental disasters. Oil spilled into the sea after a severe storm last week. However, the exact cause of the oil spill is not yet known.

The worst disaster in Israel’s history
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority described the incident as one of the most serious ecological disasters in the country’s history, posing a threat to marine animals. Volunteers arrived on Saturday to help remove the oil coating, but many fell ill from the smell, which was hospitalized.

The banks were closed
Israel closed all of its Mediterranean shores until further notice on Sunday, given the gravity of the situation. The devastation is so severe that Israeli officials believe it may take at least a year to tackle it. Israeli officials are now looking for the ship from which the leak occurred.

Israel is busy following ships
The IDF said it was deploying thousands of troops to help in this effort. Authorities have warned everyone to stay away from beaches until further notice. Israel, along with European agencies, is looking for ships that had exceeded 50 kilometers off its coast on February 11. It is believed that one of them caused this pollution. Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamil said nine ships were seen in the area at that time. These are under investigation.

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