Israel’s covert operation in Iran Natanz slashes its enrichment capacity by nine months: Israel causes such devastation at Iran’s Natanz nuclear power plant, down 9 months

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The mysterious explosion at Natanz, Iran’s most important nuclear power plant, is believed to be heavily responsible for the ‘secret Israel campaign’ behind the blast, which was so powerful that the plant was left behind for nearly 9 months.
The mysterious path of Iran’s hugely important nuclear power plant, Natanja, has exploded heavily. It is said that the “Israeli secret campaign” is responsible for this explosion. The explosion was so powerful that the plant retreated for about 9 months. Meanwhile, Iranian leaders were gravely enraged by Natanja’s explosion and called it “nuclear terrorism”.

According to the New York Times report, the attack was previously considered a cyberattack, but according to the latest information, it was a large explosion. The explosion devastated the internal electrical system of the nuclear power plant, which is under extreme security. This electrical system used to operate centrifuges that increase nuclear energy. The newspaper reported that the explosion was so strong that Iran would no longer be able to enrich uranium for at least the next nine months.
Israeli special forces wreak havoc on Iranian ‘naval base’
Iran calls supply disruption ‘nuclear terrorism’
Meanwhile, the head of Iran’s civilian nuclear program, Ali Akbar Salehi, has called the disruption to the power supply to the country’s NATANZ nuclear unit “nuclear terrorism.” Salehi made the comment Sunday night in a newspaper published online by Iranian state television. However, he did not name any suspects for it. Salehi’s remarks could further exacerbate tensions in West Asia.

Numerous Israeli media also believed that the attack caused darkness in Natanja and damaged the unit where sensitive centrifuges were located. However, no source was cited for this assessment in the news. The Israeli media have close ties to the country’s military and intelligence agencies. It is reported that the explosion occurred just hours after the introduction of a new advanced centrifuge facility to promote uranium at a much faster rate.

This latest “incident” took place at the plant, considered one of Iran’s safest sites amid ongoing negotiations with world powers over the nuclear deal. The country’s public television channel quoted the information to Behroz Kamalwandi, the spokesperson for the country’s civilian nuclear program. The TV presenter said: “Kamalwandi said the good thing is that the incident did not result in any casualties or radiation of any kind.”

Israel doubts attack on Iranian factory
There was a mysterious explosion at the Natanz factory in July of last year. Iran’s regional enemy Israel is suspected of attacking Iran’s nuclear power plant. Iran has also accused Israel of killing the scientist who launched the country’s military nuclear program decades ago. Israel has not claimed responsibility for any attacks, but its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly described Iran as a major threat to his country.

Iran said on Saturday it had started testing its latest modern nuclear centrifuge. This information came at a time when the five superpowers of the world involved in the 2015 nuclear deal are trying to bring America back to the deal. In 2018, former US President Donald Trump seceded the country from this agreement. Iran’s new IR-9 centrifuge can isolate uranium isotopes faster than the existing centrifuge installation, according to the annual Iranian nuclear day announcement broadcast on official TV, which will accelerate uranium enrichment .

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