Israel’s new coalition government: Opposition parties in Israel have given a hard blow, will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resign? – benjamin netanyahu rivals efforts to form a new coalition government in israel bibi slap

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who got into controversy after stopping the war with Hamas, now faces a big crisis. Israeli opposition parties have joined together to oust Netanyahu from power. Israeli nationalist leader Naftali Bennett has announced he may join a coalition government. It could end the reign of the country’s longest-serving prime minister, Netanyahu.

Bennett said at his party meeting: “I will do anything with my friend Yair Lepid to form a unity government so that together, by the will of God, we can both prevent the country from a decline.” uncontrollable. And will also get Israel back on track. Lapid has been tasked with forming the new government by Wednesday. Before that, the two leaders will have to agree on a deal.

Netanyahu has been in power for 12 years
It is believed that the two leaders can be PM alternately for two years. With this announcement from Bennett, speculation about the end of the reign of Netanyahu, in power for nearly 12 years, began to increase. Bennett was initially an ally of Netanyahu but later turned hostile. He said the move was taken to save Israel from the election for the fifth time in two years.

On the other hand, Netanyahu is furious when opponents unite. He called this alliance the biggest betrayal of the century. Netanyahu said: “There is not a single person in the country who would vote for Bennett. It’s the biggest hoax of the century. He said that the left parties will come to power after this alliance. He said Israel will be weakened if this government is formed. Netanyahu claimed that a right-wing government is still possible in the country.

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