“It can be announced aloud or in a low voice, and I prefer in a low voice”

Publication: Monday, May 24, 2021 11:24 PM

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, asked this Monday “to lower the tone of euphoria” and to leave the “cries that Spain is open to tourism” for 20 days, when vaccination has progressed further, “not now”.

“Spain is open to tourism, you can say it out loud or in a low voice, and as a technician, I would prefer it to be said in a low voice”, underlined the epidemiologist during his usual press conference of Monday, asked about the arrival of British tourists, who from today can enter Spain without negative PCR or the need for quarantine.

The UK now has an incidence that is one-third that of the Spanish and is one of the few to be at a green risk level; the problem for Simón is not so much that or the associated risks, “but the euphoria”.

This is why he called for “lowering the tone of euphoria a little” and leaving the cries “in 20 days, not now”, when all countries will have advanced in their vaccination campaign. “I would prefer that now we were more careful, but it’s not all up to me,” said Simón, before adding that he understands that there are times when the weight of the criteria of health gives way in favor of others like economic criteria. “Although I feel listened to, my voice is not the only one and should not be: neither mine nor that of health experts,” he added.

Given the arrival of massive events such as music festivals, and in which the Spanish Society of Epidemiology has requested control measures, the director of CCAES explained that a document is being prepared and must be approved by the Public Health Commission and the Interterritorial Council. of the national health system.

Vaccination coverage will not be “ideal” at the start of these concerts, and even less so in the population groups that attend this type of event the most, so that for a while they will have to be held in “conditions”. agreed particulars ”.

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