It could be Sun Valley Windows 10 File Explorer

We’ve talked a lot about Sun Valley and its promise to overthrow Windows. Unsurprisingly, it promises to be the biggest Windows update since moving from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Among all its new features, the major overhaul of key sections of the Windows user interface stands out. One of those sections will be File Explorer and we’ve already started to see news about it in the form of new icons. Now we have something much more powerful: a concept of what the final design of the new Explorer might look like.

Sun Valley Brings Fluid Design to Windows 10 File Explorer

It’s not obvious to anyone that File Explorer is a thing of the past in terms of design. It is a fundamental application in Windows (not in vain, it is the nerve center of everything that happens) and it is not easy to make changes to it. Microsoft has not deeply renewed its design for many years and that could change with the arrival of the update of Sun Valley at the end of the year. It is the famous leaker “WalkingCat” who posted the image on Twitter. In the tweet in question, he points to a curiosity: the people of Redmond could change the OneDrive folder to a folder called “Microsoft Cloud Files”.

The design highlights the use of the new icons for Folders, Documents, Desktop, Downloads, and This PC, along with the same action icons used by Windows 10X File Explorer. The spacing of the elements relative to the current one is increased to facilitate tactile manipulation, the effect of transparency is introduced and a much more minimalist and flat interface is used, according to the new times.

However, WalkingCat recalls that this is nothing more than a concept (most likely internal to Microsoft itself, but a concept after all). This means that the overhaul we ultimately get could be very similar to this one, or drastically different. However, the fonts, colors, iconography, and element layout are a perfect match for the latest additions we’ve seen from Fluent Design, so this seems like a more than achievable candidate, don’t you think?

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