“It is a mistake to point out that the government says an agreement could be violated”

Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 1:15 PM

Published on: 02/23/2021 12:57 PM

The coalition government seems more fractured than ever. PSOE refuses to regulate rent prices and United One can warn that this is a red line.

In fact, Pablo Iglesias warned his partner that “it is a mistake to point out the government by saying that an agreement can be violated”. And it is that among the commitments signed by Pedro Sánchez and the vice-president is that of regulating the rental price to allow better access to housing.

“The government does not exist because we get along very well or very badly, which I have already said that we get along very well, but because there is an agreement with commitments, such as rent regulation. ” This was transferred by the head of the purple formation when he appeared during 23F’s 40th anniversary act.

Thus, Pablo Iglesias recalled that “the government tenses up when agreements are violated”, which we have seen in recent weeks. The last obstacle came at the hand of the housing field, but they also played in clashes due to the law that regulates the rights of trans people, minimum living income or “democratic normality” in Spain.

“Many young people check that the constitutional right to decent housing is not respected, and Sánchez and I have signed a pledge to regulate rents,” said the vice president of social rights.

United we cannot support a new housing law

The statements come after Gerardo Pisarello, deputy for En Comú Podem, questioned the coalition executive. “If it’s not used to regulate rents or improve pensions, what is it then?” He asked in statements to the media.

And it is that at United We Can, the announcement that Minister Ábalos made on Monday surprised him. The person in charge of the Urbana Agenda ruled out regulating the price of rents and spoke of “incentives” to “bring houses to the market”. One thing that the formation led by Pablo Iglesias completely dismisses: it will not support, neither in the Council of Ministers nor in Congress a new law on housing if it does not include the regulation on which they have agreed.

Pisarello considers this change of mind to be “strange and sudden” because rent regulation was “a commitment that Sánchez had already made in 2017”. He also underlines that this measure benefits “from the support of the PSOE in the European Parliament”. “Rents are regulated in France, Germany, Sweden … and almost all these countries have a social housing stock of more than 20%. In Spain, this stock is 1%”, argued the deputy.

United We can show ‘deal’ to encourage small landlords and developers to build affordable housing, but they argue that ‘it is not enough’. In his opinion, no one “will find a single case where the housing problem has only been tackled with incentives”.

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