“It is absolutely rejectable, your obligation is to comply with the Treasury”

Publication: Sunday December 13, 2020 2:39 PM

Margarita Robles was strict with regard to the actions of Juan Carlos I: “The actions of King Emeritus seem to me absolutely rejectable from all points of view. The first obligation of any citizen, and much more when he is head of state, is to comply with the Treasury (…) The behavior of King Juan Carlos being politically reprehensible, from a criminal point of view , he is fully entitled to the presumption of innocence “. This is how the Minister of Defense expressed herself in an interview with” La Vanguardia “, where she also regretted that her actions could call Felipe VI into question. and the monarchy, which, according to her, “serves to support Spain”.

However, faced with the debate on its validity, which worries only in certain areas, open another “very serious on nursing homes and the elderly” or how “to make ends meet”. The minister also affirmed, a few days after the words of a conversation of former soldiers who spoke of shooting of 26 million Spaniards and very critical of the government, that “the current armed forces are completely democratic”. Robles denounced that the leadership of the armed forces is monopolized by the military who sparked the controversy and not by those working for world peace and to help control the pandemic. Robles maintains that these ex-servicemen constitute “a minority, even among retired servicemen”, that they “do not represent” the armed forces, that they are linked to the Franco Foundation and that they try to “put the king in a difficult situation ”.

“Active soldiers – he adds – are fully constitutional, they are prepared, trained people who, despite very low salaries, are very committed to all Spaniards.” The minister is solicited by certain publications linked to the far right which reported a few months ago an alleged operation of the Albatrosses to force the resignation of the government and promote a government of national unity with Robles in the presidency, a plot according to the minister of the defense. that he had no news, while renewing his “commitment” to President Pedro Sánchez.

Regarding the suspension of the bilateral meeting between Spain and Morocco after the recognition by the United States of the Moroccan law on Western Sahara and the recognition of Israel by this Maghrebian country, Robles maintains that “relations with Morocco are good, both in terms of the economy and in the fight against illegal immigration. ”“ Morocco is an important neighbor with whom we have and we will continue to maintain good relations ”, declares the minister, who does not enter in the analysis of the impact that these movements of international politics can have on the relations of Spain with Algeria. The minister declares that it is better to wait for the entry into office of the new American president, Joe Biden, before taking a position on the renewal in 2021 of Spain’s agreement with the United States.

I don’t think he had so many confrontations with Pablo Iglesias. I worked with him “

“There has been a tacit one-year extension, because the Biden administration has not yet taken office. We will give the new Secretary of Defense time. With the previous one, Mark Esper, there was a very good relationship and he congratulated the Spanish armed forces for their modernity and for their contribution to peace “, explains Robles, who underlines that” formally, no proposal to expand the base in Rota (Cadiz) is ever come “. Regarding the differences with the vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias, he says: “I don’t think he had so many confrontations with Pablo Iglesias. I worked with him, during the pandemic, on matters such as residences, which is the responsibility of the vice-presidency of social affairs.

“What could have been – he admits – are differences a little more personal, for example when the vice-president spoke of naturalizing the insult in the public debate. I don’t like insults, I reject them. . ” The minister is very critical of the People’s Party, which she blames that “it is making an opposition that this country does not deserve”. “He does not deserve that we have not been united to fight the pandemic. I do not understand the blockade of the judiciary either. I do not understand either that the PP did not want to intervene with the budgets” , he explains.

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