“It is an admirable city which welcomes, resists and unites”

Posted: Thursday October 29 2020 13:27

“Now I feel much closer to Madrid because I have suffered with the people of Madrid. I have seen an admirable city which resists, which welcomes, which rises and which is united.” These are some of the words that the Minister of Health dedicated to the entire population of the region as part of his fight against the pandemic.

Salvador Illa assured, in one of his speeches to the Congress, that he always felt “very sowed by Madrid, but now much more” because he suffered with the people of Madrid from the ravages of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is impossible not to feel close to a place that immediately makes you feel like one more. I recognize my admiration for Madrid and the people of Madrid with two words: thank you Madrid”, he said in the ‘one of his speeches in the Lower House.

In her speech, Illa also recalled the attacks she has suffered in recent weeks from the executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “Ma disparagingly called a Catatan socialist in Madrid. They claimed that playing with Madrid gave the pro-independence electorate points. They accused me of being an activist and the ram of the government’s madrileñophobia. “, did he declare.

It’s impossible not to feel close to a place that immediately makes you feel like one more “

A speech to which, he says, he never responded and today he decided to do so with words of gratitude to the citizens. “I have always listened to him with great attention, while the contagion curve fell with the measures recommended by this government and this minister,” he said.

Likewise, he addressed Pablo Casado to urge him to be on the side “constructive to save lives” or in the “confrontation with the extreme right”, but not in abstention. What he did not want was to respond to the speech of the “popular” leader because, according to him, “he is always absent from health arguments”. “My only adversary is the virus; his, according to his intervention, it seems that it is still the government”, he condemned.

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