“It is clear that Cuba is not a democracy”

Posted: Tuesday July 13 2021 11:53 PM

Pedro Sánchez considers it “obvious” that Cuba “is not a democracy”, although he maintains that it should be Cuban society, “without interference”, which finds its way to freedom and prosperity. “And the international community will have to help,” added the Prime Minister.

This is what the chief executive said in an interview with ‘Telecinco’, after the new spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, avoided answering if the Cuban regime is a dictatorship this Tuesday during a press conference. Asked about this, Sánchez said that “it is obvious that Cuba is not a democracy”, although he stressed that Cuban society is the one that must find the way “without interference”.

The socialist leader also described the images of police repression against demonstrations and journalists on the island “very harsh”. “Detaining a YouTuber or a journalist, in this case from ‘ABC’, a Spanish newspaper, seems inappropriate to me,” Sánchez said, indicating that the Foreign Ministry had already requested his “early release”.

In addition, the president defended that Cubans “can demonstrate freely” and that all the necessary reforms that allow the prosperity of the country be accelerated. In his opinion, there are “multiple factors” behind the protests in Cuba, among which he cited the drop in tourism due to the pandemic, which, as he pointed out, is having “devastating effects” on the Cuban economy and society.

In this sense, he advocated being “extraordinarily united” and accelerating the donation of vaccines to Latin America, where 30% of deaths from the coronavirus are concentrated in the world.

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