“It is difficult to avoid the expression of pain and sadness”


Posted: Friday June 11 2021 3:09 PM

Queen Letizia this morning expressed the “pain” and “sadness” for the cases of gender-based violence known this Friday, which involve the body found dead of Olivia, the eldest daughter of Tomás Gimeno and Beatriz Zimmermann, as well as the one of Rocío Caíz, assassinated at the hands of her ex-spouse.

“It is difficult this morning to avoid the expression of pain and sadness for the murder of minors,” lamented the queen, who presided over the closing ceremony of the third edition of the “Santander WomenNOW Summit”, organized precisely for debate on equality and female leadership.

Faced with this, Letizia tried to send out a message of empathy and reiterates the “expression of pain”, which is “difficult to avoid”, once this news has transcended: “I don’t think there is anyone. ‘one who does not try to put himself in the shoes of all the people who love these murdered minors, “he condemned.

This Thursday it was confirmed that the authorities had found Olivia’s lifeless body, while the fate of Anna, the youngest daughter of Beatriz, or of Tomás, the father, who kidnapped them last April, is still unknown. Also yesterday Adrián, Rocío Caíz’s ex-boyfriend, confessed that he killed the 17-year-old girl with whom he had a 4-month-old child, then got rid of her body.

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