“It is disturbing that I am making these statements”

Posted: Thursday July 08, 2021 11:56 AM

The livestock sector has shown its rejection of the campaign for Alberto Garzón’s meat. And it is that the Minister of Consumption asked the population to reduce the consumption of all types of meat “for health and for the planet”. Statements which also generated tensions within the coalition government.

In an open letter, several business and livestock organizations expressed their “astonishment” and stressed that “it is worrying that a minister is making a series of false or vague statements through public channels”. They believe that it thus creates “a confrontation with a sector which fulfills a social and economic role of the first order”.

They also consider that “it is irresponsible to use the data in an interested way” and remind him that this sector “generates in Spain more than 2.5 million jobs and nearly 9,000 million euros of exports to the trade balance “of our country.

Regarding the data provided by the Head of Consumption, which indicates that livestock represents 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, they stress that “the production of livestock and manure represents only 5, 8% of emissions and energy represents 74% “.

Likewise, they ask you to “recall” that in our country animal meat production “represents only 7.8% of total greenhouse gas emissions”, while “transport represents 27%; industry; , 19.9%; electricity production, 17.8%; and fuel consumption, 8.5% “.

Regarding the use of antibiotics with animals, they recall in this statement that in Spain this has been prohibited since 2006, although sometimes, “as in the case of humans, it is

It is necessary to care for animals intended for food production to cure any bacterial disease. “

The “Less meat, more life” campaign also sparked controversy within the executive. Agriculture Minister Luis Planas stressed that “it doesn’t make a lot of sense” and that “it’s as bad as sugar kills”. This was expressed in an interview in ‘Cadena Ser Catalunya’.

The head of the Agriculture portfolio assured that he was not aware of the launch of this campaign and, although he assured that he does not like “to enter into controversies and less with a colleague from the government “, he believes that” it is necessary to “give peace of mind and speak the truths out loud”.

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