“It is not the same to be under an Easter pass as in a demonstration with distances”

Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2021 8:21 PM

Published on: 02/25/2021 20:18

Fernando Simón, director of CCAES and spokesperson for Health, expressed his opinion on the controversy generated with the authorization of the government of demonstrations of up to 500 people in Madrid on the occasion of 8M. And he did, pointing out the differences between a demonstration of this type and what could be a Holy Week procession.

After clarifying that he did not know the parameters that were used to authorize the said mobilizations and that he could therefore not judge whether “the justifications are valid or not”, Simón explained that “the risks” that these acts involve “The way people interact are associated.” And that they are not the same in a demonstration as in a procession.

“We have to understand that the shape changes depending on why people are gathering.” In other words, according to the spokesperson for Health, “it is not the same to be under a paschal passage of 2000 kilos carried by many people, as to be in a demonstration where the people can disperse and there can be distances ”. “I am not an expert in these areas and I wouldn’t want anyone to care,” he added.

However, the director of the CCAES insisted on the fact that “if the regroupings can be avoided, it is much better” and that there are “alternatives to organize celebrations which can satisfy the religious and social needs of all”. He also took the opportunity to remember that no one with symptoms can witness these events.

Carolina Darias, against the demonstrations

The one who opposed the mobilizations authorized for 8M in Madrid was the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias. Without “frankly”, he explained that to “continue with the culture of care and prevention” these mobilizations for Women’s Day had no place.

“In accordance with my request for a responsibility towards all to continue with the culture of care and prevention, since we are in a situation where we have gone from an” extreme risk “to a” risk high, “what you are asking me that there is no room,” he said at a press conference, thereby contradicting what had been announced by the government delegate in Madrid.

The same was done by Defense Minister Margarita Robles, who warned that “at the moment she is not responsible” for such a call, with up to 500 people protesting. .

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, criticized the decision announced by the government delegation. “It amazes me that those who ask me to close shops and close restaurants call on people to demonstrate massively in the streets,” he criticized, referring to the PSOE and United We Can.

We can only confirm your presence

So far, only Unidos Podemos has confirmed that the formation will attend the protests if in the end feminist organizations continue their appeals.

The PSOE has set a limit: it will mainly attend institutional events that take place and that are compatible with the epidemiological situation.

Since the PP, they have gone a step further in qualifying as “irresponsibility”, in the words of Cuca Gamarra, the fact that calls of up to 500 people can be produced. Ciudadanos also does not consider this type of event to be appropriate and as a party it will only participate in institutional events, as Inés Arrimadas herself explains.

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