It is not true that Iglesias will charge 120,000 euros per year for being dismissed from his post as vice president of the government

Publication: Sunday, April 4, 2021 10:34 PM

In recent days, news has been published concerning Pablo Iglesias who assures that the former vice-president of the government and now candidate for United We Can in the Community of Madrid will receive 120,000 euros per year for two years as well as “compensation millionaire”. But this information is not true, and it is also not true that the reason is the termination that was published in the BOE.

This was explained by “ ”, which points out that former ministers and senior officials are entitled to compensation of 80% of their salary during their term of office, or up to a maximum of two years if they have exceeded the term of 24 months, as indicated in the General State Finance Law of 1981.

In this specific case, Iglesias’ salary when he held the second vice-presidency was 79,746.24 euros per year. Thus, by applying 80% after the dismissal, the compensation that would remain for the leader of Podemos would be a maximum of 63,796.99 euros gross per year; almost half of the 120,000 euros per year declared in the information disseminated by social networks.

‘’ also recalled that, since 2012, these managers can receive this compensation if they do not receive a public or private salary. But not only that. “It is also incompatible with the collection of the retirement pension. Although the former official can waive the compensation,” they said.

It should also be noted, compared to what is stated in the BOE in this false information, that when receiving compensation, there is no difference between termination or resignation. In other words, this money does not depend on how the relationship with the administration ended. However, compensation may be refused if that minister or senior official has been dismissed from his post for a serious or very serious offense.

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