It is now possible to modify Dynamics 365 data from Teams

The goal of Microsoft Teams has always been very clear, to need a single application to access everything that interests us. This is achieved through different applications or the most diverse connectors. Today a key connector arrives for many users, Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft Teams.

You can now view or edit Dynamics 365 data from Teams

Yesterday Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams users will be able to view and edit Microsoft Dynamics 365 data from Teams. In addition, a Dynamics 365 license will not be required to access this data. Obviously, if we want to take advantage of the advanced or analytical features, we will need to have a Dynamics 365 license.

Providing this functionality at no additional cost allows businesses to explore information from Dynamics 365 to assess their potential acquisition later. This removes a barrier in the productivity of companies that will be able to access this information.

Without a doubt, this is a great addition for all businesses that trust Dynamics 365 and Teams for their business. A way to strengthen Dynamics 365’s position so that it can integrate into more businesses and unleash its full potential. We’ll see if Microsoft doesn’t have competition concerns for this.

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