“It is possible that if they investigate Ayuso he will end up in jail”

Updated: Friday, March 19, 2021 4:54 PM

Published on: 19.03.2021 14:07

The secretary general of United We Can, now a candidate in the Madrid elections on May 4, sent a harsh message to his main rival in the elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, saying he could end up in jail.

“All the PP secretaries general have been indicted and it is possible that when Ayuso is investigated, she will be indicted and end up in prison. They represent a danger,” said the current second vice-president. president, which affects that his formation, despite being “weaker now”, he continues to have the possibility of wresting the presidency from the popular.

According to José Enrique Monrosi, sources from the Violet Formation explain these harsh words from Iglesias, pointing out that there is still much to investigate Ayuso’s relationship with Avalmadrid.

The same sources contextualize the statements of the still vice-president, who recalled that other former regional presidents of the PP like Cristina Cifuentes, Esperanza Aguirre or Ignacio González had problems with the justice system.

The first reaction to these statements came from the popular spokesperson in the Assembly, Alfonso Serrano, who assured that “there are many reasons to vote for Isabel Díaz Ayuso, but also believes that every vote for Isabel is a “democratic slap” to this mob who can only spit insults, personal attacks and hatred. “

He will resign from his post before the start of the campaign

Likewise, Iglesias, in his interview with “TVE”, announced a shift in his work plans: “I will resign from my mandate as deputy and vice-president before the start of the campaign”. In this way, he confirmed that he would not wait for the start of it, on April 18.

The Podemos chief claimed that his intention was different from what ultimately happened, but that the possibility for Ayuso to form a majority with Vox led him to change his strategy: “I thought there would be a legislature, but it’s time to be where it’s needed. The extreme right can enter the government of Murcia, ”he says.

“We have thought about it. I am from Madrid and anti-fascist, and we have the opportunity. There is a game, the board has changed and we can win: I want to be president of the CAM”, says Iglesias, who also sent a message to the popular leader: “I would recommend that be careful. Let’s see if May 4 is its last day. Likewise, this arrogance translates into the end and the extreme right,” he slams.

The announcement by which Iglesias presented his candidacy for the regional elections came after the motion of censure in Murcia last Wednesday March 10, and after the legal mess caused by the call for elections by the current president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

At first, the leader of United We Can recommended running in a single application with another team, in this case, More Madrid. However, the group led by Mónica García at the regional level and Íñigo Errejón at the national level, decided to go it alone: ​​”Madrid is not a Netflix series”, expressed forcefully the representative of Madrid.

Thus, Iglesias, who already claims he will go to the elections with his only representation, confirms what was on the air at one point: by April 18, he will have left his post on the executive.

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