it is the epidemiological situation of each autonomous community

Posted: Sunday July 18 2021 20:42

Data on coronavirus infections in Spain remain extremely worrying. One more weekend, our country once again breaks a record in this fifth wave: 40,645 new cases. This is how they evolve by community: Galicia, with 2,508 cases (+ 114%), and Ceuta, with 15 (+ 114%), double their data. They are followed, with increases of around 50%, by autonomies such as Madrid (5,103 cases, + 60%), Basque Country (2,188 cases, + 55%), Valencian Community (2,658, + 50%) , Andalusia (3,999, + 48%), Cantabria (535, + 44%), Murcia (705, + 41%) or the Canary Islands (1,167, + 39%).

They only offer data on Saturdays. In contrast, the smallest increases in these incidence data were recorded in Navarre (with 826 cases, + 29%), Extremadura (752 cases, + 23%) and Aragon (1,626, + 18%) . In this line, only two autonomous territories manage to lower their epidemiological figures: Melilla, drastically, after the epidemic of last week (18 cases, -60%), and Catalonia (12,778 cases, -12%). Paradoxically, it is on Catalan territory that hospital pressure is the most worrying.

Comparing its situation with the rest of the communities, the Catalan occupancy rate in the factory is slightly higher: taking into account that the current average is 4.22%, Catalonia is in first place with 7.32 %, followed by Cantabria (4.77%), Castille y León (4.63%), Basque Country (4.50%), Balearic Islands (4.38%), Canaries (4.27%), Community of Valencia (4.03%), Andalusia (3.82%), Community of Madrid (3.86%), Aragon (3.78%), La Rioja (3.13%), Asturias (2.95 %), Melilla (2.75%), Navarre (2.24%), Castille-La Mancha (1.94%), Galicia (1.30%), Extremadura (1.22%), Murcia (1.94%) 09%) and Ceuta (1.00%).

However, if we look at the percentage of intensive care occupancy, the current average of which is 9.59% throughout the territory, Catalonia is the only one at extreme risk, with 26.02% of occupancy. . They are followed by Melilla (17.65%), the Balearic Islands (11.27%), Castilla y León (10.32%), Comunidad de Madrid (10%), Canarias (9.74%), Aragon ( 9.63%), Navarre (8.55%) Basque Country (7.63%), La Rioja (7.55%), Valencian Community (7.47%), Andalusia (7.17%), Asturias ( 6.04%), Cantabria (5.66%), Castilla-La Mancha (4.90%), Galicia (2.42%), Murcia (1.51%) and Extremadura (1.62%). Ceuta does not offer data.

Currently in Catalonia there are 297 critically ill COVID patients, 25 more than the day before. The biggest fear now is that by the end of this July, 500 intensive care patients could be reached, a figure that could collapse the Catalan health system. However, the good news is that, for the first time since the start of the year, nursing homes have not recorded any deaths. One of the most anticipated news from vaccination.

Just look at the data: at the start of the year, there were hundreds of deaths. But since all residents were vaccinated, the numbers have dropped. Since the start of the pandemic, Spain has already recorded more than 4.1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 81,000 deaths from the disease caused by the coronavirus. Instead, to date 150,000 people have been healed in our country.

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