It is the first IT SME to bet on the 4-day working day

Bravent, an IT consulting company, a Microsoft partner and specialized in Microsoft technology, announces that it is starting the 4-day day in September as part of its HR policy based on reconciliation. As a pioneering SME in this project in Spain, Bravent will continue the activity and the service it provides, so that none of its customers are left unattended at any time and its professional team is able to better combine professionalism and family life.

Bravent has been operating in the market since 2013. Since then, the company has distinguished itself in the IT sector for establishing a horizontal model of accountability, for its flexibility and for prioritizing its team of professionals in business plans. “This is how Bravent was born, whose origin is ‘courageous’, a reflection of our roots; the strength, the commitment of all who are part of it, where we constantly break with tradition ”, says Jos Luis Carrascosa Colmenero, CEO of Bravent.

The company is now taking a step forward to invest in a flexible working day, 4 days a week, which will continue to improve the family and professional balance of its team. It is also a job granted by the trust of its customers who have remained loyal to the company since it approached teleworking also as a pioneering project 6 years ago. In this way, Bravent has shown that an alternative system is possible and that it enjoys the trust and support of customers and partners.

“We know that business is a very important challenge, a great effort for the company, but our customers will support us because we have never let our guard down and we are convinced that the quality of our work will not only maintain the current prices, but also improve them. “, Assures the CEO of Bravent. “For us, this is yet another recognition of our team, we want to continue to reward their loyalty, their commitment and demonstrate how important people are to us and how much we value the work they do on a daily basis”, adds he does.

The establishment of the 4-day working day is Bravent’s big leap towards full reconciliation, which will not only improve the quality of work and its staff for all, but also create a more robust and robust company. engaged. The company is an IT consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies; It has nearly 100 consultants specializing in different areas of the business, serves more than 100 clients, 90% of whom repeat in new projects, and offers training and services to achieve the goal of its clients in their digital transformation.

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