It is the new business service of involvement in the financial health of the employee, beyond the emotional salary

It is the new business service of involvement in the financial health of the employee, beyond the emotional salary

Just as a home is probably the biggest investment of our life for many of us, a mortgage is the biggest debt we are likely to incur in our lifetime. This debt has significant repercussions and implications on the economy of people for many years to come, and negotiating it well is essential for good financial health, and therefore affects people’s well-being, security and peace of mind.

“At Accuracy, we negotiate to optimize the terms of the mortgages of our clients: the employees of the large companies with which we work. Whenever a bank offers terms for a mortgage, it does so from an overview and offers terms, in most cases. Opportunities, very improvable. “From the group, they study the employee’s situation, they propose the operation to the bank from their own point of view and” we demand conditions which greatly improve the initial offer. “They do so. do according to their knowledge of the market and the advantage provided by the large number of transactions they present as a result of agreements with companies.

What companies does Accuracy currently work with?

According to the group, “we advise and negotiate mortgages for employees of Carrefour, Aena, Novartis (Siegfried AG), Amadeus, KPMG, Ericsson, Ernst & Young or Telefnica, among others.”

What are the advantages offered by Accuracy?

This is a service at no cost to the employee. It doesn’t cost the company either, why? Because we work by taking advantage of the synergy that occurs between the bank and the client-employee of large companies: banks, in an environment like the current one, are interested in clients with the stable employment situation offered by work in a large company. Therefore, they offer lower than market conditions for these customers.

In the end, we all benefit: the employee, the bank and us who collect the volume of transactions signed from the banks.

It is also our duty to clarify, advise and support the employee throughout the process, until the signing of the mortgage, so that he knows what he is proposing, what are his options for improvement and what signature is ultimately the result of perfect understanding. of the situation, the various offers and truthful and fully focused information on signing the best you can sign.

When negotiating the terms of a mortgage, the most important advantage obtained by the employee is that obtained in relation to the fall in interest rates for his mortgage, reducing between 0.5 and 1 percentage point compared to what a bank offers without negotiation that can mean thousands of dollars. interest savings throughout the life of the mortgage, elimination of bank commissions, elimination of insurance and other related products that the bank imposes for the granting of a mortgage loan and the employee does not need to manage an appraisal well, which implies that the bank grants the amount of loans that the person needs, sometimes inadequate management means that the employee has to contribute much more money (family savings) to the operation and a long etc.

On the other hand, giving the employee the possibility of comparing the offer that his bank offers him with other offers is essential so that he knows what he is signing and / or so that his bank corresponds to the conditions to which he can actually access. , but previously, and since the employee did not have this information, the bank was unwilling to offer.

For the employee, having the certainty of paying the least that he could pay for one of the most important (and longest …) monthly expenses of his life is a huge advantage, which translates into his confidence and the feeling of feeling supported.

In a context where the employee’s commitment and productivity depend on both their well-being and their commitment to the company. Where attracting and retaining talent is a priority for companies and where providing competitive advantages is essential and goes beyond expected health and retirement programs. It is one of the most valued services, as shown by the results of surveys in the companies in which we already work.

Concerning the company, offering this service goes beyond the so-called emotional salary or social benefits: it shows a clear implication of the company in the economic and financial health of the employee, in his family finances. This translates into employee satisfaction, engagement, commitment and their perception of the company as a good place to work.

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