it is the other vaccines that would allow us to obtain collective immunity

Updated: Sunday, December 27, 2020 11:56 PM

Published on: 12/27/2020 23:54

Health Minister Salvador Illa has announced the next key date on the calendar: January 6, 2021. And on that day, the European Medicines Agency will study the approval of Moderna’s vaccine.

“The European Medicines Agency is to meet on Three Kings Day to give their opinion on Moderna’s vaccine. What a great gift if it ends up being produced as planned,” Illa said. In addition, the minister assured that that of Janssen and that of Oxford are in “very advanced state”.

“Others will come next in the fall, so you will be able to have a sufficient number of vaccines to vaccinate 70% of the population,” says María Jesús Lamas, director of the Spanish Medicines Agency. It is estimated that by then the market will have up to 11 brands of coronavirus vaccines.

But, who will be those who will administer each of us? In this sense, Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health, assures us that “there is a very intense coordination on the part of the ministry with a working group that defines the best field of application for each of the vaccines and of how you can be more efficient in its use “

The Spanish Medicines Agency works to ensure correct administration: “There is traceability to ensure that each person receives the second dose of the same vaccine and brand that they received before,” explains Lamas.

It is believed that the vaccination rate is very similar to that of influenza, betting on the effectiveness of primary care, as defended by the director of the Spanish Medicines Agency, who says that “this has been demonstrated in the campaigns of influenza vaccination that more than 12 million people can be vaccinated in two months. “All this so that we obtain, as soon as possible, collective immunity.

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