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Posted: Friday July 23 2021 2:04 PM

From September, the army will begin to distribute a new anti-shard vest adapted to women’s ergonomics, a pioneer model with high performance, much more comfortable, light and comfortable, and offering greater protection.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, who had the opportunity to see the vest during her visit to the Army Management Equipment Supply Center (PCAMI), valued this new element. protection in the steps taken to maximize the incorporation of women into the Armed Forces, which now represent 13%.

“It was a commitment that had been made, a special vest for women. We are absolutely pioneers compared to other countries in Europe,” said Robles, who added that “this underlines that the military logistics in Spain is one of the most advanced, I would say, that the whole world. ”

The characteristics of the new vest

The new vest for female personnel of the Armed Forces is already in production and will begin to be distributed this year, initially in the areas of operations, as explained by the project manager and head of the guard section. technical dress. from the purchasing department, colonel lvarez.

It is more comfortable, more comfortable, since it is adapted to the shapes of the hips and the breasts of women, and lighter, with lightening up to 500 grams: it weighs between 3.5 and 3.8 kilos depending on the front size at 3.9 kilos from the previous one in size S (the smallest).

In addition, it has an important innovation: a buckle that allows it to be quickly disassembled and it is not necessary to put it on the head, but on the side, without having to remove the helmet. The vest, developed by the company FECSA, has also improved ballistic protection for users, both for ordinary ammunition and for large caliber.

During her visit, the minister visited an exhibition of different materials, many of which are still being tested, which will be part of the uniformity of the army, and visited the laboratories of the textile science area and of food, where surgical masks for the protection of personnel against COVID.

In addition, he was able to verify the work carried out to validate the protection of all military equipment, the quality tests, resistance to cold, heat and humidity, etc., as well as the various tests to which are subject all rations. food from the fields.

During Operation Balmis, against the spread of COVID-19, this center accumulated and transported 220,000 cubic meters of materials in its warehouses (the equivalent of the surface of a football field), 20 meters high , and in the current Baluarte provides protection effects on military personnel in the tasks of tracking and surveillance.

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