It is the state of the roads in Spain due to the storm Filomena

Publication: Saturday January 9, 2021 10:15 PM

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, reported on the situation on the roads of our country. Thus, he indicated that there are “657 roads and ports affected by snow, of which 133 remain closed to traffic”.

Of these, four belong to the main network, three to the Toledo network (Cm-40 and To-22) and one to Girona, the C-25. In addition, the minister indicated that “in 20 of the roads of the main network, including all those of the Community of Madrid, the use of chains is obligatory to circulate”.

“In total, 19,720 kilometers of our roads are affected by the cold and the snowstorm,” he stressed, after which he stressed that “the actions of the security forces and emergency teams have focused on clearing access to many urban centers and saving hundreds of citizens trapped in their vehicles by the storm. “

Thus, the Minister declared that “all the drivers who have experienced a situation of these characteristics have already been rescued, the highest incidence of which has occurred in the Community of Madrid, with more than 1,500 people rescued, in particular on the A4, in the Aranjuez Zone, on the A5, in the Móstoles district, and on the M40 to Tres Cantos “.

Interactive map of road conditions in real time

For its part, the DGT has made available an interactive map which shows the state of the roads in real time, including alerts in the event of an accident and the weather. By clicking on this link you can check the state of the roads in your autonomous community. In addition, the General Directorate of Traffic has issued a document in which it indicates the roads affected by Filomena and what the level of service is, which indicates which roads can be used and which cannot.

In the event that the level of service is black, all vehicles are prohibited from circulation. If the warning is red, the use of chains or winter tires is compulsory. On roads with yellow signs you can only drive a maximum of 60 kilometers per hour and the green dots indicate “active traffic but beware due to snowfall”.

Regarding the affected high-capacity roads (highways and expressways), traffic is not allowed in Toledo (TO-22) near Mocejón and in Girona (C-25), in particular in Vilobí D ‘Onyar.

In addition, most of the high capacity highways of Huesca, Teruel, Zaragoza, Cantabria, Guadalajara, Toledo, Burgos, Soria and Madrid are at the red service level, so the use of chains or winter tires is compulsory and the movement of trucks and buses is prohibited.

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