“It looks like we are in the golden age”

Posted: Thursday June 10 2021 5:49 PM

The interruptions once again marked the speaking rounds in the Congress of Deputies. It was the Vox deputies, on this occasion, who tried to cut the speech of the third vice-president of the government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, when she defended the validation of the royal decree which extends the ERTE and Rider law, the main reason for the criticism the minister received from Vox.

“I will try to maintain the parliamentary courtesy and gallantry that I have with a lady, and with anyone, of course, something that you haven’t had with me or with our group.” Tensions began to seize the hemicycle when Juan José Aizcorbe, a deputy from Vox, addressed the minister.

Yolanda Díaz responded quickly and when she returned to the platform she said: “It gives me the impression of being in the golden age, not in the 21st century, because the way it’s expressed. ”

At that time, a great agitation was created in the seats of Vox and the chairman of the table had to ask for confinement, in particular to the deputies of this group: “Let them restrain themselves and let us listen to the vice-president.” “Hold back, breathe calmly and deeply.”

Not without being constantly interrupted, the minister insisted on the continuation of the plenary session, trying to avoid the behavior of the group led by Santiago Abascal: “We are not all the same, there are educated people who when others speak we listen and there are others who are not. Let’s go on. with education. We are serious and democratic people, we like to listen, even if we do not think the same way. “

But it was not the only moment of tension. At one point in his presentation, Díaz came to propose to the Vox deputies, who were no longer silent, his turn to speak: “If you want, I will give you my word, I would have no problem and I would listen very well. carefully “,

To these remarks, the deputy of the far-right party Macarena Olona responded by making several gestures from her seat. As the Vice President was about to keep her word, cries were again heard from Vox, saying: “What pardons!”

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