“It should be run with gorrazos”

Podemos deputy spokesman Rafael Mayoral called Bank of Spain governor Pablo Hernández de Cos “unpresentable” for the report in which his institution estimated the cost of job losses due to the latest minimum wage increase: “It should be taken to his head for unrepresentable,” he said.

In his speech to the Congress Plenary Assembly during the debate on a motion on access to youth housing, Mayoral said he felt “a lot of shame” after this report, believing that the Bank of Spain “has once again made his own “. .

“He is very worried because the minimum wage does not reach 1000 euros and they are very worried because it destroys jobs. We must be very little ashamed to say that in a country like ours”, a brandished the deputy Podemos, wondering “what Housing” can be talked about “when people with minimum wage earn less than a thousand euros.

The leader of Podemos, a party that shares a government with the PSOE, does not understand that Hernández de Cos signs this report: “The governor should be sent to ‘gorrazos’, as unrepresentable”, he assured. vulnerable people with savage protests like the ones they’ve done in this report. “

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