“It surprises me that the liberal left looks so bad”

Publication: Thursday, January 7, 2021 12:38 AM

“It surprises me that the progressive left finds the assault on Capitol Hill so bad.” This is how the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, reacted to the irruption of supporters of Donald Trump in the US Congress in Washington, through a Twitter thread in which he attacked the left.

Abascal also indicted the Catalan independence parties and the second vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias. “Here we have a vice president who called to attack the Congress. Here we have a Generalitat ruled by those who attacked the Catalan parliament,” he tweeted.

“He sits on the Council of Ministers. In Spain, the problem is as follows,” he added, in a later message, also via Twitter, in which he attached press clippings on the leader of United We Can.

Iglesias, meanwhile, claimed through the same social network that what happened in the United States corresponds to the “modus operandi of the far right: blatant lies as a political weapon and the attempt to subvert institutional mechanisms when they are not favorable ”. “Faced with their violence and their lies here and here: democracy and anti-fascism,” he said.

Abascal attacks the left

“Perhaps what bothers communists and socialists is that in other countries the left has lost the monopoly on violence,” Abascal said in another post on his Twitter thread, in which he said. assured that his party suffers from this violence, accusing the government of being at the origin.

“I hope that order will be restored which should never have been disturbed in this way,” he added, insisting on his accusations against the left, saying that it “has been blowing up institutions for years , controls the media and protects violence throughout the West. ” “We are all suffering the consequences,” he added.

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