It was “ employee week ” at GSS Grupo Covisian

GSS Grupo Covisian, the leader in Spain and Latin America in business process outsourcing services and innovative contact center solutions, is celebrating “Employee Week”.

The initiative, which includes several actions aimed at each of the company’s more than 5,000 employees in Spain, is part of the “With you, everything is better” initiative aimed at them, “the older ones”.

During these seven days, the more than 5,000 employees of GSS Grupo Covisian in Spain will be able to benefit from various initiatives designed by and for them.

Among them, the company will present its virtual campus, a training tool that the company makes available to each of its employees. The first courses focus on equality, teleworking and the cooperation of networked teams. In addition, GSS Grupo Covisian is launching its Contigo todo es mejor Channel, a direct route, via WhatsApp and online, allowing employees to share their ideas, participate in forums and communities and consult any question that interests them.

The initiative, which shows the company’s philosophy and its interest in supporting and offering clear recognition to its entire team in an exceptional moment like the one we are experiencing, aspires to be a link of connection with all its employees. and show them that thanks to them and only with them it is possible to overcome the situation. In short, it underlines the interest of GSS Grupo Covisian in taking care and enhancing its greatest asset, its human capital.

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