“It was not all black or white”

Posted: Sunday 25 October 2020 10:17

Vox general secretary Javier Ortega Smith refuses to expressly condemn Franco’s regime as he does with no other part of history, refusing to act as a “censorship tribunal”. In his opinion, in every historical event there are “lights and shadows” and only the “sectarians” dare to deny it. And he gives as an example “the resurgence” of the Spanish economy during the dictatorship or the network of marshes and roads.

“No, I do not expressly condemn the Franco regime. As I do not condemn or applaud any part of the history of Spain,” he explained in an interview with Europa Press. censorship or a big brother who decides “.

The deputy Vox and spokesperson for the city hall of Madrid believes that each citizen will be able to have “his personal opinion” on historical events and even recognize “the shadows and the lights”. “For example, under Franco’s regime, everything was not black and white,” he says, pointing to the country’s economic “resurgence” after the civil war or the network of marshes and roads.

According to him, this can only be denied “if you are a cultist”. And he blamed the fact that today there are many “champions of the anti-Franco struggle” who during the years of dictatorship “lived off the regime” themselves or their parents.

“Everyone can have the opinion they want on any stage,” he insisted, rejecting the laws of historical memory. Although it is clear that, “if they want to open wounds”, Vox will also put on the table the events of Paracuellos, the Czechs in Madrid, the burning of churches or the rapes of nuns.

Call Largo Caballero and Indalecio Prieto “criminals”

“Can we talk about this sad story? What do they want? Confront us again?” He asks. But if we have to talk, if they want us to talk about history, there is the data. “And remember that Vox has already taken the first steps at the mayoralty of Madrid causing the withdrawal of streets and plaques in tribute to Francisco Largo Caballero and Indalecio Prieto.

In fact, he claims his right to comment on history like the others and, for example, criticizes the claim of the figure of the former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Lluís Companys. “He is a criminal who should have been tried for genocide; he was responsible for 8,500 executions, he was paranoid, a criminal of the book ”, he maintained.

And the same goes for Largo Caballero or Indalecio Prieto, whom he describes as “criminals”. “I think this country is starting to go crazy,” he said, lamenting the resumption of “one of the most painful stages” in the history of Spain, such as the civil war and “the reopening of wounds that parents and grandparents have already closed “.

At this stage, Ortega Smith includes in his criticism PP and Ciudadanos for not having opposed this “single discourse”. As he points out, the “popular” sometimes complain “in a cowardly tone” about the laws of memory, but they did not repeal them when they had the chance thanks to the absolute majority they held. to the Congress of Deputies.

As for Ciudadanos, he regrets having hastened to announce that he will no longer support this type of Vox measures at the mayor of Madrid after having received “criticism from the left”. “They always look askew to the left to see if they give them permission, she is kneeling, submissive,” she says of Inés Arrimadas’ training.

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