“It was shocking to see a pilot yelling ‘Alpha’ and the military running”

Updated: Thursday 08 July 2021 12:14

Posted: 08.07.2021 12:12

Shocking This is how Carlos Cué, political correspondent for “El País”, describes what happened at the NATO air base in Lithuania. He is one of the journalists present on the spot, witnessing the interruption of Pedro Sánchez’s press conference with the Prime Minister due to a threat from the Russian air forces.

“They had told us that it could happen, that every once in a while an unidentified Russian plane performs a strange maneuver or crosses the airspace and that’s what the military is there for. It happens with a certain frequency, but we didn’t think that could happen when it was precisely Pedro Sánchez, ”reported by telephone in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’. He admits it was a “fear”.

He explained that the two leaders thought it was an exercise since they were told that after their appearance one would be held: a sham if not real, the army started to move and run. ”

At the moment, on a quarter-turn basis, it is up to Spain to watch the skies over the Baltic republics “so that the Russians do not sneak in”. It’s a four-month mission and at the moment, in this NATO base, there are seven Spanish Eurofighter and the 140 soldiers present come from Spain, from the base of Albacete.

Cué, as proof of the constant tension that exists between NATO and Russia, explained that in all of the president’s press conferences during this Baltic tour, he is asked what will happen with Russia: ” The presence of the Spanish, like the presence of other NATO troops, is constant due to the tension with Russia. ”

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