It was the first day of vaccination in Spain, a historic date that marks the start of the end of the pandemic

Araceli, 96, became the first person to be vaccinated in Spain against the coronavirus, after crossing paths at the residence in Guadalajara where he lives. “Let’s see if we can make the virus go away,” the woman said after receiving the vaccine.

She was followed by Monica, an auxiliary nurse at the same center, who admitted that her blood pressure must have exploded and that she was “very nervous”. “It’s a source of pride, the truth. And what we want is for the majority of people to get vaccinated so that it is finally over,” said the first health worker to receive the vaccine in Spain.

The two chatted for a few minutes while they remained under observation, as established by protocol and later the residence manager told media everything had gone perfectly.

However, Araceli and Mónica, although they were the most popular names, were not the only ones to receive the vaccine. After them, there have been thousands of names who put a face of hope by receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine all over Spain.

For everyone, it was a day of emotions, as in a residence in Granada where they impatiently awaited the arrival of the vaccine with their cell phones in hand. Toño, the first to be vaccinated in Granada, didn’t hesitate a moment when they asked who wanted to register and offered to be the first.

For this reason, he was received in front of the cameras as he deserved, seated on his “throne” and to the applause. He was followed by Pilar, for whom the puncture was seen and invisible, as well as Vicente, a 72-year-old man who was the first to be vaccinated in Extremadura.

Nicanor, who released the vaccine in Madrid, has also been cut short. There, the vaccination was a success: “We have no allergic or adverse reactions,” said the spokesperson for a residence.

Batiste also told workers at the Valencian center where he resides that he wanted to be “the first or second most” to be vaccinated against the residence’s coronavirus. For his part, Francisco was very nervous at his residence in Pamplona before receiving the vaccine and declared that he had his son and daughter-in-law “with covid”.

Meanwhile, Javier, 68, the first to be vaccinated from La Rioja, took advantage of the flashes, being one of those making “history” by receiving the first doses of the vaccine. He did it with Juli, a cook from his residence who specifically went to the hairdresser for this special moment.

This Sunday, all those who received the vaccine against COVID-19, aware that it is a historic day, wore their best clothes. Bernardina, a resident of Hondarribia, was elegance personified and blue eyelids abound on the eyelids of Emilia, the vaccination pioneer in Aragon. “The day I take my daughters away, I won’t let them go for I don’t know how long,” he said.

And Pepita, an 80-year-old Asturian, is very clear on what she wants to do once she receives the second dose of the vaccine: “Go out for a walk”.

For its part, Health assured that this Sunday it distributed about 10,000 doses and that they will reach a rate of 350,000 per week. In addition, Salvador Illa said he was waiting for the European Medicines Agency to allow vaccines from other manufacturers to receive more.

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