It was the tweets and the song that drove rapper Pablo Hasél to prison

Publication: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 1:28 PM

Rapper Pablo Hasél was sentenced last May to nine months and one day in prison. Among the crimes highlighted by the Supreme Court in its judgment, two stand out: the exaltation of terrorism and the insults to the Crown, produced between 2014 and 2016. He was also sentenced to six years of recusal and a fine of nearly 30,000 euros.

These events, which the author, according to the court, committed through his social networks and his own songs, were condemned for having referred to terrorism by ETA, Los Grapo or A lQaeda. In total, more than 60 tweets that the TS took into consideration to judge the artist, who did not hesitate to highlight some of them in his story.

“Tweets for which they will imprison me in a few minutes or a few hours. Literally for having explained the reality. Tomorrow, it could be you”, Hasél wrote this morning. Among them, some sentences stand out, such as: “50 police officers injured? These shitty mercenaries bite their tongues, hit guests and say they are injured”; “Nazi police torture even in front of cameras,” or “Bourbon gangster partying with Saudi monarchy, everything remains among those who fund ISIS.”

Hasél also faces this conviction for a song, released in 2016, in reference to King Emeritus Juan Carlos I and the Royal House. In it, the artist criticizes “the millions plundered” by the monarchy, and launches a few sentences which also allude to politicians: “So the psychopaths who govern us say that there is no money for them. fundamental rights, ”he says.

“It is the story of Juan Carlos el Bobón that they want to hide. To say who he is and what he does is a crime, he indicated means by pointing to his brother Alfonsito; who does he think he is an accident? ”, the lyrics continue.

This is the moment you got arrested

This Friday, January 12, the ten-day deadline that the National Court gave the rapper to surrender voluntarily expired. However, Hasél, far from doing so, chose to shut himself up at the University of Lleida: “We’ll have to blow him up to stop me,” he said.

Finally, the rapper was arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra a few hours after his imprisonment. The cameras witnessed his arrest, in which the Catalan singer appears accompanied by several agents of Mossos d’Esquadra and Guàrdia Urbana. “They will never stop us, we will win. They will never bend us with all the repression,” he shouted with a raised fist.

Politics react to Hasél’s arrest

Gabriel Rufián, Íñigo Errejón, Alberto Garzón, Joan Baldoví … There are several left-wing leaders who have come forward to defend the rapper and who criticize his imprisonment: “The judges are very understanding with Rodrigo Rato and Cristina Cifuentes, but Pablo Hasél He is already in prison “, says the head of Compromís, while, from Podemos, they call again” to the lack of democratic normality “of the Spanish state:” All those who assume this “total democratic normality” and consider themselves progressive, they should be ashamed, ”writes the purple formation.

A vision that contrasts radically with the opinion of the Popular Party. In this case, the group led by Pablo Casado celebrates the imprisonment of the rapper. A statement made through the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, who described the imprisonment as “good news”: “The offender ends up in prison”, concludes.

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