“It will be a decision of historical significance”

Posted: Sunday June 13 2021 11:08 AM

The first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, assures that the pardons to the separatist prisoners are near and “will soon arrive at the table of the Council of Ministers” and the PP is criticized that their only alternative is “to return to the Plaza de Colón, l ‘both times, to tell Catalonia that the rest of Spain is against “.

In an interview with La Vanguardia, Calvo insists on asking the PP not to face Catalonia because the only viable alternative is “to normalize institutional relations, to stop the formidable confrontation caused by the independence movement and the Spanish right and to stabilize the situation”.

Regarding the pardons, Calvo says they have no electoral rhythm or are not linked to any calendar, but “they will be a decision of great political significance”. And Pedro Sánchez, he says, will make a decision “of real historical importance”.

Calvo admits that the decision to pardon will be made with “full awareness that they are being passed at a time when determination and open-mindedness must be shown, even if it involves a Thermopylae step. Politics is rarely like that”.

Regarding the revision of the Penal Code to lower the penalties for the offense of sedition, Calvo explains that “for the moment it is not on the table”, but indicates that it will be done “throughout this legislature”. “Everything that has happened, plus certain statements in Europe, obliges us to consider it, but not in line with the economic situation,” he adds.

When asked if there is a horizon of clemency for Carles Puigdemont, Calvo asserts that he cannot be pardoned because he has not been accountable to the Spanish justice, “and that is a very difference. important “.

Calvo also comments that the government feels “absolutely” supported by the EU in its policy towards Catalonia, and in the face of the possibility of granting pardons. “Many European and international leaders are convinced that we will find a way out.”

Junts: forgiveness is slow

For her part, the President of Parliament, Laura Borràs, assured that there is a “runrún” that the pardons could arrive as early as this week but that they are also “late”. “Whenever they want to do it, they’re late because they shouldn’t be in jail,” he said last night in an interview with TV3.

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