“It will be because it was not necessary”

Posted: Tuesday November 17 2020 19:23

The Minister of Education and VET, Isabel Celáa, defended in the Senate that the laws on education were only included in 2013, the year of the birth of the current “ Wert law ”, that Spanish be the lingua franca, for which she urged the PP to stop “catastrophism”.

In this way, he reminded the “popular” that under the governments of his sign, Spanish was not the lingua franca, considering that this would not be necessary. “With the UPyD governments, with the PP and PSOE governments. If until 2033 it was not a vehicle and there were government presidents who did not put it on, it will be because it was not necessary.”

The Minister of Education thus responded to the PP senator Miguel Lorenzo Torres, who questioned Celáa on the elimination of the reference to Spanish as the official language of the State and the lingua franca in education in the project of its education law. “Are you going to tell me that from 1978 to 2013, year when the term vehicle is placed in the LOMCE, the Castilian was vehicular?”, Cracked the minister, assuring that “at the time of your former Prime Minister the Castilian was not vehicular, it did not include it in any law ”.

For this reason, Celáa insisted on defending his reform proposal: “If saying it didn’t mean anything, what would it mean to delete a word?”, He said, referring to whether it appears or not. in the text of the law as “vehicular language”, nothing will change with regard to the use of Spanish in education.

In this sense, he noted that the ministry has transferred competence because “languages ​​are for people and not the other way around”. And he criticized the PP for using languages ​​”as a political controversy”: “It is a very sensitive element because it arouses feelings of belonging and that is why we have transferred it to the area of ​​competence” , he stressed.

In addition, he indicated that the people “will have a full and equivalent command of Spanish and the co-official languages” and that “compensatory measures will be taken so that the education administrations achieve this”.

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