it will be the police device to avoid riots

Anti-fascist groups called this Saturday for various demonstrations throughout Spain, including in the capital, to again demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél after a month since he was imprisoned to serve a sentence for exaltation of terrorism . The appeal, which is launched on social media, calls on people to take to the streets in various parts of the state. The government delegation in Madrid did not receive any communication of the said demonstration, so it would be illegal, as confirmed by sources of the delegation.

“One more day, we took to the streets to claim each of our threatened and repressed rights and freedoms. We demand the freedom of Pablo Hasél and all political prisoners, a total amnesty! ”Declares one of the messages of District 104,“ Anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and anti-patriarchal collective ”. As a result, the police system will be vast: more than 500 police intervention units, more than 100 prevention and response units, 100 downtown district police officers and officers from the information brigade, according to LaSexta.

The convened march will leave Atocha at 7:00 p.m. and arrive at Plaza de Cibeles, as shown in the convocation poster, which takes place under the slogan: “ For our rights and freedoms. Total amnesty! Freedom Pablo Hásel ”. The protest comes a month after Hásel entered prison on February 16 after being held at the University of Lleida to serve a nine-month prison sentence for glorifying terrorism.

After the arrest, numerous protests took place across Spain to demand his freedom and provoke riots, especially in Barcelona and Madrid. In Madrid, the demonstrations, which had not been authorized by the government delegation, ended with nineteen detainees and 55 injured, including several police officers. For his part, the Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, demanded that the “radical left” condemn the violence and not encourage illegal demonstrations because he assured that otherwise it would be “jointly and severally liable”. .

This was ensured after anti-fascist groups called on Saturday for various protests across Spain, including in the capital, to again demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél. “Taking into account the fact that these are non-legal demonstrations, as long as the authorization is not requested from the government delegation, which we ask of all political forces, and in particular of the radical left, c ‘is to condemn all acts of violence, “Lopez said this week. .

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