“It will have to be different to move on to the next”

Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 8:26 PM

Published on: 11/25/2020 20:01

The plan with the recommendations for Christmas that the government had announced would arrive this week will have to wait a few more days, until the next Interterritorial Health Council. For the moment, as indicated by the Minister of Health during a press conference after the meeting with the health advisers, this consensus has not yet occurred and some autonomous communities would even lack to decide on the measures they propose for the holidays.

The executive’s goal is for there to be consensus when announcing the restrictions: “We will collate all comments and see if we can reach consensus next week,” Illa said, adding that ” the document requires work and therefore we have given ourselves more time “.

But the decision that will emerge from the next Health meeting with the autonomous communities will simply be that of recommendations that the autonomous governments will then have to apply “to the realities of each territory. In other words, each community could apply its own restrictions and measures, different from those of other regions. The government insists however: “There is a line which is that of prudence and which calls for common sense and prudence” at the moment.

On the possible differences that could exist when applying the measures for Christmas, Carolina Darias, Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Service, spoke. “The legal framework at our disposal is the state of alert” and it will be the one which will regulate the various decisions that the delegated competent authorities “deem appropriate” according to the evolution of the data, Darias specified. But he believes that “the need to reach an agreement and common criteria is important”.

The Minister of Territorial Policy ensures that the consensus “has been widely demanded by the majority of councilors”, and the government is committed to it. “They claimed it and said, together we will go further,” added the minister.

“This Christmas will be different to arrive at another next Christmas”

In addition, the government has not ceased to remember that “special” and “endearing” dates such as Christmas for all citizens must be celebrated differently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is very important that we not only celebrate them this year, but that we have many years ahead of us to celebrate these holidays”, insisted Carolina Darias. “It is very important to be aware that this Christmas is going to be different to arrive at another next Christmas,” he added. With this objective, stressed the Minister, the government and the autonomous communities are working.

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