It would be the logo of the new Windows (or Windows 11)

Microsoft has already confirmed that on the 24th it will present the “new generation of Windows”. Along with this big update, everyone is expecting a rebranding and, more specifically, that the classic Windows “flag” will be replaced with the original form of the Microsoft logo. The question is, what colors are you going to use? What will the new logo look like? We have a theory and we want to share it with all of you.

This morning while researching what the new Windows logo might look like, we came across the following on Microsoft Design’s Instagram account. The first is the image we see on the right side and want you to compare with the preview image from yesterday’s event (located on the left side).

Here we can observe several interesting details. The one that stands out the most is that they are practically identical except for the change from silvery tones to bluish tones. Or it seems at first glance, because the differences lie in the details.

The first of these details is something people speculated a lot on Twitter yesterday: the event’s presentation image has a “flaw”. What is this supposed error? If we look at the reflection that the window projects on the floor, we see how the vertical line of the logo, which is part of the wall and not of the window, has a “separating” effect on the floor.

However, what about the horizontal line? This is only present in the reflection of the April photo but not in that of yesterday. Some believe that with this, Microsoft might want to point out the existence of “two columns”, the most conspiracy of which concerned Windows 11.

Will the Windows and Microsoft brands be more alike than ever?

However, regarding the logo, there is one more detail that I would like you to look at. Don’t you think the image on the right reflects a wider range of colors than the one on the left? The image used yesterday by Microsoft to announce the event reflects almost 4 colors from closest to farthest: red, yellow, green and blue. The colors of the Microsoft logo.

Our investigations do not end there. We continued to investigate the Microsoft Design Instagram account and found something more interesting: a series of images “playing” with the Microsoft logo in cooler, “pastel” tones by applying a transparency effect by putting a kind of “blocks of ice”.

The text of the article reads: “This is an overview of our ongoing work dedicated to finding new ways to present the Microsoft logo in the context of the many design components we build. “

Our fonts claim that the new Windows logo is shaped like the Microsoft logo but has “other colors”. They did not specify how different these colors are, so it is possible that they may be the same in different shades or with some effect. We’ve also learned that it won’t use the colors of the late Windows 10X logo, although it could have fit perfectly.

With all this information in mind, our bet is as follows. The Windows logo will take the colors of the Microsoft logo but applying the effect which is deduced from this image. We tried to recreate the intention of the designer and here is the result:

Source: Microsofters

We believe it will use the new Segoe UI Variable font instead, but we were unable to apply it. On the other hand, it seems very risky that Microsoft would use such a similar branding between Windows and Microsoft with a simple difference in tones.

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